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Hydraulic 3-Roll Plate Bending Rolls
Double Pinch

3-Roll Plate Bending Rolls, a universal machine for all plate bending jobs, and especially for the job-shop fabricator.  The 3-roll, double pinch design which provides excellent prebending capabilities; it is easy to prebend both the leading and trailing edge without removing, turn, and re-insert the plate.  The quality of a profile rolled on this machine will be the same to ones rolled on 4-roll double pinch or 3-roll initial-pinch machines.  The two lower rolls can be adjusted individually of each other, with infinitely variable adjustment speeds, in a curved path around a common center.  The standard rolls are manufactured of SF45C solid steel forgings with carbon 0.38 ~ 0.45% and go thru high frequency heat treatment on surface at HRC45 or above for maximum surface hardness.  Especially on the top roll, it comes with cambering design for compensating during rolling.Furthermore, all rolls are equipped with self-aligning and lubricating bearings.A single hydraulic motor with a reducer and chains drives all three rolls, allowing any one, two, or all three rolls to provide 100% driving torque at all times.  This drive system is easy to maintain, and also the most effective system for drive torque.This type of machines is most suitable to do the job from 6mm to 75 mm thickness, with 2000 mm to 6000mm width.

Rolling Flow Chart

Standard Equipment

  • Full hydraulic drive and control system.
  • PLC electric system.
  • Hydraulically powered and operated roll rotation providing infinitely variable rolling speeds.
  • Hydraulically powered and operated adjustment of the lower rolls with infinitely variable adjusting speeds.
  • All rolls go thru normalizing heat treatment and then high frequency on surface at HRC45˘Xor above.
  • All adjustments are electronically controlled from the portable console by push buttons.
    Key-lock switch for On/Off for the power supply.
    Emergency stop button at the middle of the panel and the machine.
  • Hydraulic drop end is designed with locking device for more safety.
  • Digital LED readouts for showing the positions of the two adjustable bottom rolls.
  • Both bottom rolls are individually and hydraulically tiltable for cone rolling by using push buttons.
    Paralleling adjustment after cone rolling by using push button.
  • Cone rolling attachment.
  • Instruction and parts manual and tool box.

Optional Equipment

  • Overhead Support device
  • Hydraulically operated Side Support device
  • Interchangeable Top Roll for bending diameters smaller than standard roll allows.
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